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News and Updates

I've updated our Sound Click page to once again allow free downloads, as our album will be coming offline in April 2009.


Welcome to BATW Online

Welcome! BATW (Balls Against The Wall) was an all original rock band located in Northern Rhode Island featuring Al Costa on lead vocals and guitars, Ed Bielecki on vocals and guitars, Steve Lally on vocals and drums, and Bob Vincent on bass and keys. Formed in 1984, the band has had an on again / off again existence, largely due to the winding paths the members lives have taken. In spite of all the changes that the years have brought, the initial idea has never wavered - to write, produce, and perform the best original rock and roll that we possibly can. We can take pride in having stuck with that principle for nearly a quarter century. As of March, 2009, it is safe to say that the band has now retired.


Closing this door....yet opening others - October, 2009

I believe I can speak for us all, when i say we look back on all the music we created and performed with a great sense of pride and accomplishment. We didn't make any money, but we had a hell of a ride along the way, and wouldn't change it for anything.

Speaking now more for myself, I've reached the point where I can no longer carry the flag - my arms are tired, in a manner of speaking.     I'm ready to move on and do other things, and enjoy other pursuits. The disappointments of the last year after trying our first attempt at a downloadable release (sounds great, didn't sell for shit), and getting royally screwed by a scumbag who has the nerve to call himself an industry professional have pretty much drained my enthusiasm.

That said, I do not regret even one second spent with these three gifted musicians, the gift of their friendship, and the body of work we crafted together.

Steve, missing the adrenaline of playing live, has teamed up with some friends and is currently playing classic rock tunes in clubs all over Southern New England. Ed, Al, and Bob have moved over to a writing/recording project with a friend, and are currently in the studio developing the material for a forthcoming CD release. Details below:

October 17th, 2009 - The Final BATW Site Update

As fall rolls in on an unusually brisk wind, changes have occurred that merit passing along. Steve's band, us, is enjoying a growing following and steadily increasing club dates. They've created their own web site:

us   (Click on the band name to open the site in a new window)

Be sure to check them out live, if you're in the area - they put the "Classic" in Classic Rock!



As to Ed, Al, and myself - this past summer began with a couple of email messages, a phone call or two, and then a new project altogether - Tubby Cesario has been a friend for many years, and worked in the Country Fever band with Ed and Al for a long time. He encountered health issues which sidelined him for years, but with the return of good health, came the renewed passion for songwriting. Tubby's style is very much that of the storyteller, the balladeer....he will sit down with an acoustic guitar and spin tales of life, longing, and learning.

Given the diversity of our backgrounds, we chose to name ourselves "Crossroads" - it seems an appropriate title for the eclectic grouping of new material that we're writing and recording. In a sense, it's a good way to carry on the passion for creating new music that was the hallmark of BATW right from the beginning. Tubby's material brings a new "flavor" to the recipe, and definitely adds a whole new dimension and character to the new project.

We've created a basic web site to chronicle the project as we progress:

Crossroads Logo

(Click on the logo to open the web site in a new window)

The writing is prolific, so there's plenty of material available - we're deliberately working without any time constraints or deadlines so that we can simply enjoy the process as it goes along. Barring any unforeseen issues, there is a very good chance that the upcoming CD release, which is tentatively titled "Blueprint", will not be a one-off proposition. We're all very much open to continuing on and starting work on a follow up CD after the first one has been completed. We will continue to chronicle our progress on the web site, so be sure to visit now and then if you find the work we're doing is something you enjoy. I've posted 30 second snippets of the tracks - completed ones up top, and works in progress beneath. We kicked the idea around while discussing how cool it would have been to watch our favorite albums develop as the artists went through the recording process.

Update the links below soon! This domain will expire on November 21, 2009, and this site will only be available at the link below!

And finally, I'd like to thank everyone who's followed our music for the past 25 years...every time someone responds to a song we've done and tells us they liked it, you've given us a reason to keep it going!

This domain will expire in November, 2009, and it will not be renewed - I will, however, move the site over to our new domain, and make it available for those who may wish to revisit it in the future. The links to the BATW page over at Sound Click are active, and I've released the songs for free download - if you like BATW, then feel free to feed those Ipods!

Here are the links:


The BATW Online site

BATW on Sound Click (free music downloads)

Keep On Rocking!