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About BATW....


This photo was taken in the early days - somewhere around 1985-86, as I recall. This served as our "Publicity Photo" back then, when we played the major clubs in the Providence, Rhode Island area. The Living Room, Last Call Saloon, Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel....for some reason we never really understood, it seemed that all the clubs in the area that supported original music all had names that started with the letter "L".


It didn't matter though - it was a venue where we could get out in front of people and play the music we'd created. We wrote the music, the lyrics, worked out the dynamics, the harmony....it was ours. Sure, we had our influences,  and they varied quite a bit. But the way it all came together was not unlike a meal prepared by a good chef...one who knows how different ingredients will work together, rather than against each other, to create the final blend. When asked the inevitable question, "What kind of music do you play?", Big Steve would lean out from behind his drums, smile, and reply, "We play both kinds....Rock and Roll."




BATW Group Photo - AARP Header